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The Outdoor Education Program creates stimulating, hands-on learning opportunities in a natural setting that foster a deep appreciation for science and conservation while stimulating social-emotional development. Our interactive lessons provide a deeper and richer educational experience than those typically offered in an indoor classroom environment. Our goal is to promote outdoor education and social-emotional learning in a safe, welcoming environment that is new to our students.

We provide students and visitors the opportunity to learn about a wide range of educational topics in our expansive Outdoor Education Center. Our curriculum is based on both the nationally recognized Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core standards, and scales by grade level for students in 2nd through 8th grade.
Outdoor Education

At the core of our Outdoor Education Center is a curriculum based on Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core standards. Curriculum outcomes are measured through pre/post assessments of participating students. Additionally, these assessments provide valuable feedback to teachers and principals hoping to incorporate Outdoor Education Center lessons into their own classroom.

Social-emotional Learning

Our Outdoor Education Program is unique in that it promotes social-emotional learning and development in key areas that are proven to mitigate the factors that contribute to generational poverty. We assess social-emotional learning development by asking campers to complete a short survey at the end of their visit that assesses their growth in teamwork, independence, and responsibility.

Outdoor Education Subject Areas

House In The Wood has lessons for grades 3-12 based on Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Below you can see the main subject areas and activities available for your scholors.



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Night Programs

Team Building
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Tree Climbing

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