Monthly Archives: March 2013

Summer Camp Registration NOW

We are registering for summer camp now. We have FULL scholarships still available. Register at 1012 N Noble St. Chicago, IL. Every registration includes an information session, online registration, financial aid application and a private meeting to discuss your financial aid and payment plan. Allow about an hour--more if you have another child. Bring your social security information and your medical…
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Rowe Outdoor Classroom Starts Soon!

This year we have THREE weeks of Rowe Elementary School outdoor education sessions.Our third, fourth and fifth grade will visit for ONE whole week each. Monday through Thursday are full days of outdoor lessons in everything from conservation to insects, forest to aquatic creatures.Each grade has different lesson plans although they may have similar topics.The whole point is to…
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Still Winter Here

I saw this herd of deer feeding in last year's corn field near House In The Wood.On the other side of the hill were a few Sandhill Cranes just back from the south. On the same hill was the perennial sign of Spring--the Robin!It is coming!For more information on House In The Wood please go…
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