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Becoming a LIT


Teen Camp

The first session of summer camp is designed for teens ages 13 to 16, or ages 13 to 18 for returning campers. During this session, camp provides safe, fun and challenging activities along with plenty of time to make friends. At the end of the session, about 20 teen campers are selected as candidates for the Leader In Training (LIT) program and invited to attend the second session of summer camp.


Candidate Session

Upon attending the second session of summer camp, candidates undertake a two-week trial where they are put through rigorous challenges including team building, activity planning and facilitation, goal setting, time management and problem-solving.


LIT Induction

After completion of the candidate session, HITW administration meets with the candidates to inform them if they have successfully made it past the trial and into the program. If the candidate fails the trial they can, if selected, try again the following summer. If the candidate passes the trial they are inducted as a full member and remain in the program until graduating high school or age 18.