3300 Bay Rd, Delavan, WI 53115

(262) 728-2752

NEW! Buy Ice Fisherman Daily Parking Pass Now

NEW! Buy Ice Fisherman Daily Parking Pass Now

-Buy the Pass ONLINE.
-Drop your stuff at the ice fishing trail head near the House In The Wood sign and drive back to park in the DAILY PASS PARKING LOT down the road.

Or park first in the DAILY PASS PARKING LOT and walk down to trail.
-Walk back to the trail to fish!


Daily Pass Guidelines-Abuse and You Lose!
10 passes available per day.

  • You must buy your pass on the day of use. You will get a receipt in your email when paid. There will be NO paper receipt. The vehicle description and license on receipt must match the one in the lot because our online copy has that information and this is what we check.
  • You can only buy one pass per day.
  • No trailers, snowmobliles or ATV’s in parking lot or using lake trail access.
  • Pack out your garbage or throw it in our dumpster near House In The Wood entrance
  • We are not responsible for your vehicle, property or person while using our property for parking or lake access.
  • Please respect our property and people on the property.

QUESTIONS? PROBLEMS? Contact Val at 262-441-1762