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Retreat Center

Our Retreat Center

When we’re not hosting groups for our youth programs, House In The Wood is a Retreat Center for a variety of organizations, clubs and events. We can accommodate groups of 20 to 100+ with a flexible offering of lodging, meeting and dining options.

Our services and accommodations are available a la carte, so your group gets what it needs, but doesn’t pay for anything more.

Have It Your Way

Every gathering is different than the next, so we work with all of our rental customers to ensure that they have everything they need and aren’t paying for anything they don’t.

A Helpful Host

A House In The Wood staff member will always be onsite to assist groups, ensure all expectations are met, and answer any questions about the grounds, facilities, or services. Our staff in-residence on the campus take great care to respect the space and privacy of our visitors.

Connecting with Nature

One of the best reasons to hold your event or retreat at House In The Wood is the beautiful natural setting. With trees overhead, grass under foot and water all around, our campus is an ideal environment for rejuvenation, relaxation and communion.

Comfortable Living

Our guests stay in cozy, comfortable cabins that include electricity, running water, bathrooms, heat, air conditioning, fans, 16-22 beds and storage space for personal belongings.

Better than Fine Dining

The food at House In The Wood is just plain delicious. We offer yummy options for meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans and eaters of most other types.

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