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Registration Process

You can register your children for summer camp by making an appointment to meet with a member of our staff at the Settlement office (1012 N Noble St.) or by attending a sign-up day. We like to meet face to face with parents to build a relationship, help you feel comfortable with sending your child to camp and ensure that everyone gets the information they need.

Steps to Register

We try to keep the registration process as simple as possible, but it's important that parents follow through on all of the steps below. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  1. Make sure your child is eligible to attend camp: Does she or he live in the city of Chicago (zip beginning with 606)? Is she or he in the age range of 7-17?
  2. Contact us by calling 262-728-2752 to schedule an appointment.
  3. Come to your appointment with all required materials (listed below). The address is 1012 N Noble St in Chicago.
  4. Make all payments and turn in all required materials BEFORE the camp session.
  5. Call us within the two weeks before the session to confirm attendance.

What to bring to your registration appointment

Please bring the following items to your registration appointment. If you are missing some items, please come to your appointment anyway, and turn them in as soon as possible.

  • Driver's license or state ID of parent
  • Health insurance card or medical card that covers campers
  • Immunization records for each camper
  • Doctor's physical (only required if camper takes medication or has a chronic condition)
  • Payment in the form of credit/debit card, money order or check (no cash please)

Cost & Financial Aid

Summer camp costs quite a bit of money to put on. Paying for our lovely staff, beautiful grounds, delicious food and other nice things (like electricity and toilet paper) - it all adds up! In fact it adds up to about $500 per week, per camper. Yikes! But wait!

Financial aid is available!

Summer camp at House In The Wood is affordable on any budget. Most of our campers receive some form of financial aid. Some of our campers receive a partial scholarship which brings the cost down by more than half. Many of our campers even qualify for full scholarships.

To find out if your child qualifies for a full or partial scholarship, call us at 262-728-2752. Financial aid is awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Call today!

Scholarship breakdowns

No financial aid
$500 per week - camp fees
$55 per session - transportation fee
$555 - total (or $1055 for two week session)

Partial scholarship
$200 per week - camp fees
$55 per session - transportation fee
$255 - total (or $455 for two week session)

Full scholarship
$0 per week - camp fees
$55 per week - transportation fee
$55 - total for one or two weeks

Where does financial aid come from?

The financial aid offered to campers at House In The Wood comes from a variety of individuals, organizations and institutions who believe in the positive power of summer camp. Some of it comes from the government in the form of Title XX grants. Some of it comes from an organization called SCOPE. And a lot of it comes from our generous donors.