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Summer Camp Newsletter-June 2020

Summer Camp Newsletter-June 2020

Our Staff Show Their Support!


Letter From Ms. Val

What a month! Protest marches, government changes, COVID, cancellations, re-openings, masks, social distancing, sanitizing, washing hands, planning, planning, planning...and here at House In The Wood everyone is missing you like CRAZY! When I look at the calendar, I say "today we would have started staff training" or "today our first campers would arrive".

Even though we have no campers, we have been very busy here at House In The Wood. We are painting cabins, planting grass, and improving our Raccoons and Squirrels cabins to name a few of our projects.

We are all continuing to work from safe locations to get ready for NEXT SUMMER. We are looking forward to seeing our campers AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Take Care, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Go Outside,
Ms. Val Wright
Executive Director
House in the Wood


Hello, Friends

During camp at House in the Wood, some of you may recall a simple discussion about the word,

I N T E G R I T Y.

I once saw this word posted on the classroom wall at an elementary school where I was a substitute teacher. I thought that this word needs to be shared with the HITW campers. The definition read, “Doing the right thing when no one else is looking”.  Whether you are a camper, a parent or

these words could apply to your daily activities.  It may be as simple as taking a fresh baked cookie when you were told the cookies were for a party. You might have found money on the floor at school, looked around, took it, and kept it.  Was that the right thing to do? Suppose that money was given to you for a field trip and without turning in that money, you could not participate in the field trip? How would you feel?  How would your wrongful action affect the individual?  How would the wrongful action represent your character?  Integrity builds character and character leads to success in life. Share this word and concept with you family and friends, practice it, be an example.

Watch for our next HITW newsletter when we talk about anger and apply TACO to reduce anger.

Stay safe!
Ms. Barb

Ms. Barb is the staff person our campers know as "the person we see when we are in trouble". However, she is so much more than that! Ms. Barb is the staff member who helps our campers learn to work with others in their cabin and she helps our campers learn to deal with tough emotions from disappointment to anger. She also coaches our younger staff who need ideas to help them work better with our campers. She has been working at House In The Wood for three summers now.


Join us online for a Virtual Welcome Campfire complete with s'mores. Every new session of the first night, we have a "Welcome to Camp" campfire program with songs, stories, skits and s'mores. This summer, of course, they are online. We have four campfire's scheduled and each campfire has special guests joining us online. You can participate in one campfire or all campfires. The link for the VIRTUAL WELCOME CAMPFIRES will be in the next few newsletters. ONLY those camper families registered for summer 2020 OR those people who have signed up for our Summer Camp Newsletter will get the link. Sign up with Mr. T, thunt@nush.org.
Session 1-Monday, July 6 at 6pm CDT with Staff from SUMMER 2019
Session 2-Monday, July 20 at 6pm CDT with Staff from SUMMER 2018
Session 3 (Teen Camp)-Monday, August 3 at 6pm CDT with Staff from SUMMER 2017
Session 5 (Summer Adventure)-Monday, August 17 at 3pm CDT with the LIT's at camp


Buy a CAMPFIRE PROGRAM BOX with S'MORES featuring Ms. Val's homemade flavored marshmallows. YUM, YUM. We have vanilla, mint chocolate and cookies and cream. The box includes instructions for toasting your marshmallow indoors safely in the oven or the microwave. Ordering starts June 17. See our website for ordering details. Boxes will be shipped one week before the virtual campfire so you will have fresh marshmallows. Last shipment this summer August 10. This is a fundraiser for House In The Wood!

Questions/Comments to Ms Val at vwright@nush.org

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