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Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing at House In The Wood

Most of us climbed a tree or two as children, so we get the idea. Start at the bottom, climb to the top. Tree Climbing at House In The Wood is the same idea taken to a whole new level. Using ropes and harnesses, climbers of all ages and abilities can climb into the tops of the towering oak trees that look over our grounds.

Why climb trees?

Some of us will always need a reason for such things. Fortunately, there are many benefits of tree climbing.

Fun - As it always has been, climbing trees is lots of fun.

Good for the Brain - Climbing a tree is a kind of physical activity that increases working memory after only a couple of hours.

Exercise - Tree climbing is great exercise, and a fun workout is excellent for your health.

Do It Together - Climbing walls are nice, but they tend to leave you on your own. The massive trees at House In The Wood allow many people to climb and have fun together.

Connect with Nature - The trees you’ll climb are alive and have been for a long time. Spending time in the trees brings you closer to nature and helps you appreciate its bounty.

What to bring?

All of the necessary equipment is provided by House In The Wood, so just make sure you've dressed appropriately. We recommend comfortable clothing - whatever you would work out in. You'll also need to wear close-toed footwear. Shoes with a hard sole are best. Other than that, just bring your sense of adventure!

What is tree climbing?

Our trained and certified staff will provide a thorough and comprehensive tutorial of how to use the equipment and have a fun, safe experience in the trees. Beginners are welcome and will be able to climb at their first visit. We will also provide all of the equipment necessary for climbing, including the ropes, harnesses and helmets. Just wear comfortable clothing and shoes. All of the trees and equipment are regularly inspected for safety.

Sign Up to Climb!

Please register to climb by completing this form one week prior to your visit.